• Struggling with a training issue that you just can’t seem to overcome?

  • Encountering a training issue you haven’t seen before and don't know how to correct it?

  • Wanting to make sure you haven’t missed any critical steps in your dog’s training?

  • Ready to challenge your dog and take their training to the next level?

  • If you are looking for an experienced trainer to provide you with proven strategies and support you in your K9 training endeavors, then our
    1:1 Coaching Package is the solution.

Meet The Trainers

Let us put our experience and proven track record to work for you so you can get the results you want.

CFTE trainers are some of the most experienced and proven in the industry. They are instructors and evaluators for multiple national search dog organizations and facilitate search and rescue classes and workshops for US and International K9 Teams. Their expertise is providing training instruction that gets handlers results.

Deana Hudgins has over 18 years of experience in the field of search and rescue and specializes in human remains detection. Deana has responded to hundreds of missing person searches for local, state and federal agencies and frequently consults as a subject matter expert for large scale training exercises and cases.

Kathleen Kelsey has been training search and rescue dogs since 2003 and works both live find and human remains detection dogs. Kathleen provides K9 assets for local law enforcement and deploys across the country in response to natural and manmade disasters.

Don't spend another day trying to figure this out by yourself.

Our 1:1 coaching will take you from FRUSTRATED to CONFIDENT.

  • Dedicated Trainer

    Work with an experienced and proven CFTE Trainer who is dedicated to you throughout the entire process. Pick your trainer or we can match you with one who specializes in the specific area you want to work on.

  • Custom Training Plan

    A detailed, personalized written Training Plan will be provided so that you have all the steps, troubleshooting techniques, and other relevant material right at your fingertips when you go out in the field to train your dog.

  • Private Video Call With Trainer

    Get a private 30-minute video call with your dedicated Trainer to talk through the custom Training Plan, prepare you for any trouble-shooting, and make sure you have all the tools you need be successful in your training.

Here's How It Works....

  1. Click below to purchase your 1:1 Coaching Package. 

  2. Once you purchase the package, you'll be taken to a form where the process is explained and you'll be able to share your training issue with our team. 


You share your training issue.

We give you expert training advise.

You leave armed with a custom training plan, a personalized video coaching call, and all the tools you need.