• Have you ever felt unprepared for a test or search because of the potential distractions your dog will face?

  • Are you uncertain how to develop a plan for progressing through distraction training that will prepare you for certification and searches?

  • Is your dog false alerting on distractions and you don’t know how to correct it?

  • Do you have a plan for when your distraction training goes wrong?

We've been where you are.

You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears (not to mention your time and money) into training your dog.

You are standing at the edge of your sector and getting ready to release your dog for either a certification or a real search and you have a moment of doubt. Did I really do all that I could have to prepare my dog? Will my dog REALLY ignore all of the distractions it’s about to face?

While most people do some level of distraction training, they don’t have a system to methodically teach their dog to work through all types of distractions so that they can confidently search in the real world.

During the course of our search careers we’ve learned valuable techniques that have helped us be successful and we want to share that knowledge with you.

We’re committed to supporting you, the search and rescue handler, but we realize we can’t help enough people through in person workshops. Because we know distraction training is a topic every handler must address, we have created this course so that you can have access to this valuable training.

Here's how this works

Personalized 1:1 support but with the the flexibility to accommodate your schedule and your dog's progress. No more missing out because the Zoom call conflicted with another obligation. You get your training questions answered when it's a good time for you!

  • Register by 7/5 to join the special edition package (online course + 1:1 training).

  • Get instant access to the online course so you can begin reviewing the material and start your training.

  • Receive 2 weeks of private 1:1 training support using Voxer (more details below).

  • See your dog learn to confidently ignore any distraction they encounter on a search.

In the online course you'll get...

  • The step by step process that trains your dog to work through the most distracting environments and only performs it’s trained final response on target odor.

  • Training objectives and criteria that will set your dog up to successfully advance through distraction training.

  • Tools to help troubleshoot problems during distraction training and select training props and how to set them up effectively.

Plus you will get 1:1 Private Training

Register by July 5th to participate in this special edition of our distraction training course that includes 2 weeks of 1:1 Private Training.

The private 1:1 training provides you with a higher level of customized support as you learn and begin implementing the material in the Distraction Training Online Course.  

We will be using a FREE app called Voxer. It’s a real-time voice messaging app where you can hear messages as people speak or listen later. The conversation will be private just between you and the instructor. You can also send texts, photos, and videos and it works on any network on iPhone, Android, and the web. 

This means that any time during the special edition of our distraction training course that you have a question, you can instantly pop on Voxer and ask. We will have set office hours where we will be online so you might choose to plan your training around those days. You can also send us a Voxer any time a question strikes you and we’ll respond as soon as we are back in the office.

What's Inside The Course?

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • How To Navigate

  • 2


    • Learning Objectives

    • Selecting Your Props

    • Training Prop Resource List

    • Selecting The Ideal Training Area

    • Additional Considerations

    • Solidify Your Learning

    • Training Takeaways

  • 3


    • Learning Objectives

    • 5 Step Training Method

    • When To Move To The Next Step

    • Developing Your Own Training Plan

    • Training Plan In Action

    • Variations For Advanced Training

    • Solidify Your Learning

    • Training Takeaways

  • 4


    • Learning Objectives

    • What Could Go Wrong?

    • The Power Of Your Reward

    • Reward On The Nose

    • Reward On The First Bark (...or as soon as they perform behavior)

    • When Not To Reward (Using Non-Reinforcement)

    • Solidify Your Learning

    • Training Takeaways

  • 5


    • Time To Get Training

    • Course Survey

What other handlers are saying...

We asked past participants how they would describe their experience to a teammate. Here's what they had to say.

Very helpful! This experience allows you to talk through any challenges you may have with an experienced trainer. It also helps you to think through all of the concerns in order to verbally explain them vs. submitting a video for someone else to fix. Kathleen tailored her advice to our team as opposed to just offering generic advice.
Jessica Taylor & K9 Candor

“I explained it to my teammates as training through the internet. More involved than a phone call because I could send pictures and video. I felt like I had help right in my back pocket and could ask questions at any time."
Winter Kucharski & K9 Jill

“Freaking awesome! I'm pretty new and I didn't feel like any of my questions were treated like they were silly or something I should already know. Kathleen was able to help me where I was at. I realized pretty quick that she was a great resource and I needed to ask for help with as much as I could think of."
Debi Salo & K9 Ella

Learn To Set Up Effective Distraction Training TODAY!

New to our distraction training program?
Join us for the special edition of our Distraction Training Course and get lifetime access to the online course and 2 weeks of 1:1 private training for $97.

Current distraction course student but want to join the 1:1 training?
Distraction training is a topic that we must revisit throughout our dog's career. Add personalized coaching support to help get you to the next level for $27.

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Still Have Questions?

  • Who is the special edition of this course for?

    The special edition of the distraction training online course is for any detection handler who wants custom 1:1 support to help really make progress in training their dog to ignore distractions. If you have already purchased the online course, but would like to participate in the 1:1 private training, you can sign up for just $27.

  • What if I don't quite understand what all is included in the Special Edition Package?

    If you sign up by July 5, you will get instant access to the online course as well as two weeks of 1:1 private training using Voxer. If you have any questions about how the program will work, how it will help you achieve your training goals, or if it is a right fit for you, email us at info@thecfte.com.

  • Is there a specific start date or can I enroll at any time?

    To join us for the special edition, which includes not only the online course materials but the 1:1 coaching, you must register by 7/5. If you register after the deadline, you will only have access to the self-paced online course which you can complete at your own pace and on any device with 24/7 access.

  • What if I have questions during the course?

    Once you’re enrolled in the course you’ll get a link to our support email. If you have any questions along the way just send us an email.

  • What if I decide it’s not the right course for me?

    We’re so sure that you’ll get the very best distraction training in this course that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

  • What if I need training advice or to want to work with one of your instructors?

    Then the special edition of this course is just what you have been waiting for. You can ask questions and get help troubleshooting your distraction training. You can also sign up for one of our workshops or learn more about other services we offer by clicking on the SERVICES or TRAINING link at the top of this page.

Continue to train on your own without a detailed plan, and get frustrated by your lack of progress.

Spend even MORE time trying to get the information from others in your organization (who may or may not have the track record that qualifies them  to train you).
ENROLL NOW in this Distraction Training course and get a proven step by step training plan for creating a BOMB PROOF DOG!

We want to train with YOU!

Register by 7/5 to take advantage of this Special Edition Package.

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Pass your certification and be confident that you're prepared for your next call out!

$97 USD

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Join us today!

Distraction training is never done and must be revisited throughout our dog's career. Here's your opportunity to add 1:1 private training support to your online course for only $27.
If you are interested in registering multiple individuals for this course or would like to purchase this course for another person, contact us at info@thecfte.com.