EVERYTHING changes when your dog has a focused Trained Final Response.

  • You never worry about your dog leaving target odor before you get close enough to call it.

  • You no longer are concerned about your dog’s TFR being too far away to pass your certification.

  • You are confident giving specific recommendations following a TFR on a search.

  • You don’t have to teach a “show me” command (which honestly is just another search command).

This type of TFR is absolutely possible for you.

And how do we know?

Because not only have we seen these results time and time again with other handlers who have attended our workshops and participated in our 1:1 training program…

But this is the technique we use when training our own dogs.

With dozens of search dogs under our collective belt, we have found that incorporating this technique creates focus and directionality and prevents bad behaviors from creeping into our TFR.

What makes this training unique?

  • Works for any TFR behavior.
    Sit, down, bark, stare, even the recall refind.

  • Does not require you to scrap all your training and start over.
    Your dog already has a lot of experience performing the TFR you taught them. Instead of muddying the waters by teaching them an entirely new TFR, this training is going to help you refine what you have already worked so hard to get.

  • You don't have to buy any specific props or expensive equipment.
    Unlike many approaches out there, to be successful with this training technique you will not need to invest in expensive props or equipment.

The time is now!


Training A Focused Final Response gives you everything you need to create the specificity and directionality that you want in your dog’s TFR.

Learn our step-by-step training plan that will have your dog giving a TFR that leaves no doubt in your mind where target odor is at.

Stop worrying that your dog’s TFR isn’t going to be specific enough to correctly call the find.

Enjoy working your dog with confidence!

Here's everything you get...

  • 90-minute training including student Q&A from original live training

  • Lifetime access so you can revisit as your training progresses

  • Step-by-step Training Plan PDF to guide you through the entire process

  • BONUS: Defining Your Trained Final Response PDF


When we asked handlers who have already taken the training what they would say to a teammate who is considering signing up, this is what they said...

Definitely take the training, especially if you are looking for a guided plan to follow. I wish I would have had this information with my first dog. – Philip C.
This is a phenomenal class the provides a great breakdown of steps needed to get to a tuned TFR. – Trish M.
The instruction and material covered is well worth the time. - Laureen E.
Go for it, this is a great way to know what, how, and when to mark and reinforce/reward. – Lisa R.

Ready to see that focused trained final response?

Join us and learn everything you need to have that TFR you have been wanting.

$47 USD

Still Have Questions?

  • How does this training work?

    First, you get access to the recording of the 90-minute live Training A Focused Final Response webinar hosted in February 2023. This video also includes an in depth Q&A session with over 120 handlers where we discuss different aspects of the training and some common questions.

    You also get access to a Training Plan PDF that spells out the details of each of the training steps covered in the training as well as a bonus Defining Your Trained Final Response PDF.

  • How soon will I start seeing results?

    Once you begin working your dog using the process you get in this training, you will see learning happening in the very first session. From there, the amount of focus you get in your dog's TFR will depend on how frequent you train and how consistent you are with implementing this technique.

  • What if I don't learn anything new?

    If you don’t feel like you learned anything new, let us know within one week and we will issue you a full refund.

  • I've got another question.

    Feel free to email us at [email protected].

Ready for nose-pointing specificity?

Create a TFR you can have complete confidence in.
$47 USD

If you are interested in registering multiple individuals for this course or would like to purchase this course for another person, contact us at [email protected].