We invite you to learn industry best practices so you can protect the longevity and integrity of your training aids, prevent cross-contamination, and ensure handler safety. Quality HRD K9 training starts here!

Meet Deana Hudgins

Deana has a wealth of experience in the field of Search and Rescue and since 2001 has responded to hundreds of missing person searches for local, state and federal agencies. She is the Executive Director and a Founding Member of Ohio Search and Recovery Canines and also a Canine Search Specialist for FEMA Ohio Task Force One working both human remains detection and live find canines. Deana is a trainer and lead evaluator, and frequently consults as a subject matter expert for large scale training exercises and cases providing guidance in search strategy and planning, resource management, mapping and data collection.

Meet Kathleen Kelsey

Kathleen has been training search and rescue dogs since 2003 and is a Canine Search Specialist for FEMA Missouri Task Force One and McLean County EMA. She provides K9 assets for local law enforcement and deploys around the country in response to natural and manmade disasters. Kathleen works both live find and human remains detection dogs and serves an instructor and evaluator for multiple national search dog organizations. Kathleen is the owner of Working Dog Enterprises which specializes in detection dog focused research and education and is the founder of Calvary Canine, a non-profit that provides training support to search and rescue dogs.